Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big dreams

I'm note sure if this was mentioned before but Jannie and I have never actually talked. We're good friends yet our entire professional and personal relationship has been built via E-mails, Face Book Posts, and Tweets. Interestingly enough I awoke this morning and told my wife about the dream I just had in which Daredevil Chicken had been published. Yay! In this dream Jannie and I were doing a phone in radio interview from our own studios and during our talk I kept answering the wrong questions because I had never heard my partners voice. How embarrassing. My wife then replied__ "So should I assume that extra loud snoring last night was actually an interview?"

As we move forward and head towards finished art, the posts might slow down a bit but rest assured we're still hard at work behind the scenes making this book the the funnest and most exciting thing to hit the midway since .. well.... The Speedorama Spectacular


  1. Scott,
    I love the whole process. Just wondering if you should finish the art now? As you know, a publisher may have their own constraints on trim size and the layouts anyway so maybe just finish as a dummy book with 1 or two samples of the finished art? From what I have seen I am sure it will find a home!

  2. Thank you Jeff. I totally agree. When I wrote "go to finish", what I should have written was we'll be mocking up the entire book in color. To date much of our work has been pencil or sketchy digital and we know we'll need a more polished dummy before we show. There will still be lots of wiggle room for constant improving and changing things as needed.

    Much appreciation and thank you for your comment. :o)