Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey, whats going on around here?

Hey there. Its Jannie. My goodness, its been over a month since there's been any posting here. One would think- oh so they gave up, huh?

The truth is- I have some wonderful personal news thats going on in my life right now that took a bit of time away from personal projects like this. I'm not ready to disclose what it is yet but there really is a good reasoning behind the absence. Kudos to Scott for his patience.

We've been getting a bit of "likes" over at our Daredevil Chicken Facebook fan page, and wanted to give an update here to anybody who cared to follow along. Scott and I have not forgotten about Daredevil Chicken and we will continue. Please pop over and check up on us, we really do appreciate it!

We're cluckin' on....

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