Monday, March 14, 2011

Not Just another Chicken Picture Book

Many people are surprised that I have not yet done a picture book with a chicken as the main character. After all, I am Chicken Girl. So when Scott sent me his daredevil chicken, and we had some discussions about collaborating on a book, I thought it was a sign for me to finally play with the idea.

I also love the thought of starting a blog to document our process. How will two illustrators with two different styles come together in a book? We would love to get your feedback as we go along, and hopefully learn from each other along the way.

So here we go! Please check back here if you love the picture book making process, creativity, collaborations, and a chicken in between.


  1. Two cool illustrators and one cool project> Best of luck to both of you! There's 4 posts here as I write this and I see you are both still contemplating how this will work... May I suggest one book, 2 chapters? Scott seems to have a younger chicken, Jannie's is older. Perhaps a first part with chicken discovering his passion in his youth, a second part with chicken finding success? Just a thought.

    Hi, Jannie! :)

  2. Hi Mike:
    Thanks for your comments and kind words. We pretty much have our manuscript "scratched" out but there will alwasys be time to add or subtract plot points. I'll certainly bring up your thoughts in it's own blog topic in the coming weeks.
    Thanks again.

  3. Hi Mike :-) Thank you for taking a peek over here. Keep your suggestions coming. Still alot of things that is up in the air so we'll need all the feedback we can get.