Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's all in the name.

Besides all the artwork that's been going on behind the scenes, a manuscript has been in the works. Lots of passing back and forth trying to tweak the story and make it as much fun as possible. We have a working title and even character names picked out yet everything is open for debate. That said, we'd really like your help.

Our chicken hero is currently named Colbert. Specifically Colbert Coop. Although I liked it as I was writing the story, I kept envisioning Steven Colbert the political comedian who does a lot of work on Comedy Central. Not sure why. In fact I think he pronounces it "ColBER" while our guy is named "ColBERT". After the first story rough I approached Jannie with the idea of switching over the character's name to Clement Coop so there would never be any confusion. Clement is my son's middle name and to date, I've never heard another person (or political comedian) named Clement.

Both work and are unique enough that I don't think either would be bad. So which one do you like better? Colbert or Clement? Or better yet. Do you have another Chicken Daredevil name that might make a child chuckle even more?


  1. any super chicken should be named Cluck Kent... that's what I think. : )

  2. Colbert definitely brings to mind Steven Colbert. I think Clement has a lot syllables, and doesn't really roll off the tongue. How about Clem?

    I guess names like Rocket and Comet are out of the question?

  3. I love the name Clement! It's just perfect :-) How about...Luigi for a possible alternative? It make me laugh when I think about it ;)

  4. I like Colbert and I was pronouncing it just the way you had in mind. Maybe you could do a little word play to emphasize how he pronounces his name? Or have the gossiping spectators clarify the pronunciation to each other? Or change it to an H? Hobart Hero?
    Anyway... this is so much fun to watch you guys work. It's gonna be great!

  5. I love Diandra mae's suggestion of "Clem"-Nice and short, easy to pronounce and seems good for the period you may be setting it in.