Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Page Design Time

The fun part of this project for me is working with Jannie. We're two very different artists, yet I really believe that we'll eventually merge our styles into one uniformed and marketable look. Although I can and do work digitally, I'm typically more traditional when I approach sketches. Basically a pencil and paper approach. Jannie on the other hand has been experimenting with doing even her sketch work digitally. Right away I'm thinking her work looks WAY MORE polished than mine and I'm hesitant to offer my own version. Yet I think we'll really learn from each other as we move forward during our page design time and that will only help the end result. This really is a true collaboration and one I'm proud to be involved in.


  1. Wow! Your page layouts and ideas are so different. I'm sure the finished art will be a great combination of the two.
    I love the last page here where Colbert is trying to dress like his hero on the poster. Don't all kids do this!? I have an ancient photo of my brother and I dressed up like Princess Leia & Darth Vader. We are wearing a mish-mash of white and black clothing and blankets and he's holding a wrapping paper cardboard tube as a light saber. :)

  2. Thank you for posting Jill. Yes, the fun part of this will be seeing how we both interpret the manuscript and then come up with a scene that illustrates it best. I really think this approach will push us towards the best image. It might also create opportunities to tweak the story for the better too.